Study Crystals at Home : Crystal Lustre

Crystal lustre is the way in which light interacts with a crystal on the surface of its form. This gives crystals distinct appearances and looks! Looking at different crystal lustres is a great and easy way to get to know the world of crystals with your children. Wikipedia has a good , general overview of crystal lustres which is perfectly appropriate for a basic understanding, and good visual depictions. Text books and mineral photo guides can be EVEN BETTER than the internet for helping to identify and learn about crystal lustres. Even using basic words that we already know, to describe the outer appearance of the crystals in our collection will help us connect to our collections in an interactive way! A fun, easy and interesting look at crystals - the perfect activity for a rainy day! Enjoy! #liferocks#earlylearning#scienceathome#STEM#crystals#crystalcollection

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