“Children Need Nature.  Parents and Teachers are the gatekeepers to Nature for Children.
In a modern world where we are starved of Nature connection,
Asher Cloran helps people find out what to do, how to do it, and why we do it."

Asher Cloran works with science, interactive learning, and human development to educate parents and teachers on Nature connection and how to integrate Nature connection into family life and classrooms.

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Connecting Children to the Magic of Nature

Modern children are more unhappy, less developed, have more health issues and learning challenges than any other generation before.


Increased use of technology combined with decreased interaction with Nature is at the root of many challenges we and children face.

What are the best solutions?

To integrate fun, interactive, scientific, educational and effective back into the home and classroom environments.

To educate parents and teachers on how to best apply nature connection in their own lives and circumstances for the children in their lives.

What will the end results be?


  • Increased engagement

  • Happier children

  • Better development of emotions, cognition, awareness, risk assessment, coordination, and other important development factors.

  • Calmer classrooms and households.

  • More connected families.

  • Greater rapport with students.

  • Intergenerationally shared joy and experience.

  • And reaching curriculum and childhood framework needs.


About Asher Cloran

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Business Leader at Earth Science Education
Author | CHEK Practitioner | PDC | Digital Media Production

Asher Cloran, has developed skills in digital media and marketing, writing, scientific research, human physiology, nutrition, psychological development, and natural studies.


He is an entrepreneur having developed businesses in health, sustainable agriculture, hospitality, education, and human performance.


Currently he aims to share his diverse array of skills and knowledge with teachers, parents, and children to share better ways of educating and living through the company of Earth Science Education.


His main goal is to change the face of global education into a human, and earth centred approach to learning and development using natural studies and science.

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