Help your children bring their crystal collection to life with art and science

Learning a bit about our crystal collections from a scientific perspective , can be an awesome way to connect to nature and learn more about our crystals. Helping your child use some scientific websites like and to find out the properties of their crystals and recording them through art is a fun thing you can do together. Even a scientific book on crystals and minerals is a great way to find the crystals that we have and may not know the names of. Create some pages of information and art with your children filled with aspects about the crystals in your collections. Learn about some of the basic, major scientific properties of crystals, and have some fun with art , recording and observations. A great thing to do on a rainy day or whenever we want to learn about science at home together! #LifeRocks! #Earlylearning #STEM #Scienceeducation #naturebasedlearning

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