Global Weight Mangement

Lose weight for life and gain vital energy – Eating Simplified with Asher Cloran
Gain Vital Energy

1 – Most people struggle with weight because of faulty food products , and slow metabolisms as result of the poor food stuffs.

Gain Vital Energy

2 – Food industries have created convenient foodstuffs and promoted certain nutritional philosophies at the cost of people health. There are some major health myths circulating that are counter productive to weight loss – what are they?
3 – How quality macronutrients can be the difference between weight gain and weight loss?
4 – How eating more calories can improve the metabolism and lead to weight loss.
5 – How eating smaller meals more often can be a game changer for weight loss.
6 – The number 1 food to avoid that causes weight gain
7 – The number 1 food to include that can improve metabolic rate
8 – How to approach exercise in a functional, and enjoyable way that does not elevate stress and lead to more weight gain
9 – Reducing overall stress for weight loss is crucial – how do we do it?
10 – Work habits and weight loss. How the work place can establish faulty patterns which will impact our weight, and what we can do about it.