Magnets and discovering Metals and Magnetism at home

Our home and life is full of different metals that we use for everyday things. Using magnets is a great way to discover the composition and magnetism of the various metals in our home. Find as many different metal objects as you can find ( silver, gold, copper, steel, aluminum, neodymium, tin, bronze etc) and line them all up . Test each out with a magnet. Does it have any magnetism? Is the magnetism strong? Find out which metals are magnetic and which aren't - and this will help you tell what metals you might be dealing with. Test different objects in the home! Just be sure to keep magnets out of the body, and away from electronics. ;) Children Love magnets, and hours of fun can be had. I hope this idea inspires some scientific discovery for the whole family! #liferocks #scienceeducation #earlylearning #discover #nature #metals #geology

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